Thursday, January 15, 2009

new books

I just got more knitting books for my continually expanding collection. Both are good too. Luxury yarn one-skein wonders edited by Durant is full of great ideas which can easily be adapted. For example, there's a crocheted baby hat by Edie Eckman that calls to me for myself and all I need to do is use a heavier weight yarn and crochet until it fits. Also some really good looking scarves and some patterns for neck warmers which could also double as hats. My friend Bracha knit something that works like that. Pull it up and it's a sort of hat and down it's for the neck.
The other book is an old one edited by Jane Waller: The 30s family knitting book from 1981. I found it on ABE.UK as I don't think it was ever published in the US. I have a few of her other books so I knew pretty much what to expect and was not disappointed. She has reprinted the pages of old knitting magazines of the 30s and added a 2 page historical note and material showing what size needles and hooks and yarn to use with each pattern. There are some quirky ones here like a baby boy sunsuit in something called swimwool. But the men's patterns would be great for today as they are not complicated patterns but rely on nice stitchwork for their effect. The women's side has some great items too which could be knit as is. Others provide ideas for stitches to use in projects. There is a sweater called tuck-in which is meant to do just that so as to emphasize the waist. In fact the sweaters are all figure flattering and would be useful today as we are returning to that style. Also included are a few suits and dresses which I won't be doing. Another unusual item is a vest and panties set to be worn apparently as under clothing. The yarns are all mainly thin wools being mainly 4ply and dk weights. One nice pullover though all in angora. There are no arans but two calling for a little fairisle work. Two nice simple shawls, a lovely scarf. No hats. I'm waiting also for a new book she's bringing out in England later in the spring also similar to this and her others.

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