Wednesday, January 07, 2009

zigzag finished

I bought this yarn around 1997 or at least that's when I began to knit it. It's Ellen's half pint farm falkland merino. I paid $50 for 1350 yds in one hank at Stitches East (Valley Forge, Pa.). I met her there and liked t he ocean colorway. Now that I'm wearing it, it's really pleasant to wear. The pattern is my own based on a stitch from the second Barbara Walker treasury on p. 123 and called Zigzag ribbon stitch. She suggests it will be great for variegated yarn. I found the pattern pretty hard as I did it in the round. I did th e sleeves in plain st st or I never would have finished it in Dec. 2007.
I just got some wonderful news tonight. The biopsy on the strange thing on my leg (which was a burn scar from 1945) turns out to be ok even though 2 doctors thought it was probably cancer. I knew about it for maybe 15 years an d even have a letter from the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minn to watch out for anything red on my leg. Well, it was pink so I just ignored it all those years. I am a very lucky person and feel like I've won t he lottery twice this past half year.
I also received my new mattresses tonight about 10 days earlier than I figured they'd arrive.

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