Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diakeito raglan

Yarn is Diadomina # 335 which I bought a few months ago at the LYS in HOngkong. It's a new color (my photo shows the colors too light) and I really love it too. I made it smaller about size 42 but I think it is a bit wider anyway. However I like the way it fits. I also made the sleeves 18"
long as I rather like them that way in case it's cold outside. Brrr. Again I relied on the J. Fee book on raglans. I do have a problem right now though. I've started another raglan which is written to be worked in pieces. So I did a sleeve and really don't understand why it was done so that the rapid decreases all come first. That makes a raglan which is really impossible for me to wear. Maybe a very slim model. Anyway, I'll be redoing it the way I did this one.

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