Saturday, January 15, 2005

Klaralund finished

One quick project was the Klaralund because the Noro silk garden knits up quickly in a plain st st pattern. I started it following the pattern by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton in Noro book two with the garter stitch bottom and reading what others had done, I began to realize it wouldn't be good for me as I always like warm necks when the yarn is warm. Also people were saying that the sleeves were not fitting well so I changed it to a raglan using Jackie Fee's book the Sweater workshop. I have now done about 4 or so raglans her way but I still go back to read the relevant sections. I like her book so much I have both editions! I felt the new edition was worth buying with the extra material. But the basic material is still the same so when I need her book, I use either edition!
Now that my sweater is done, I think I made it too big. And that's before the blocking. It seems to be too wide unless I want to wear it as an over sweater. So this one may go to one of my favorite recipients if she plays her cards right!
The color is the same one as in the picture in the book. I found it on the fifth floor of a LYS on Nathan Rd in Hongkong and paid $85 for 14 balls and I still have 4 balls left for a scarf or two.
I really do like this yarn and will probably look for more in a different colorway.
The pattern for this sweater asks for a rather loose gauge which was easy to get and made the knitting just that much faster. But that might be the reason the sweater is enlarging with the washing.
As for my 3 week cold with cough. Two pills of a mild antibiotic seem to have stopped it completely but of course, have to complete the full 7 days. However, I have decided to drop the swimming pool as they just aren't keeping it warm enough these days. Well, more money for yarns!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marian,

The silk garden sweater looks great. The colour is gorgerous ! Yesterday, I was wearing my silk garden sweater too (a simple design from Debbie Bliss). I guess you will buy more of this yarn if you come to HK again !

Eva/ Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

The colours are lovely on you, Marian! Beautiful sweater!

Siow Chin

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian,
I'm wearing my Silk Garden today too! Very nice one you made and you better keep yourself warm and toasty so that you don't catch another cold ;)

Anonymous said...

The 6.44am is posted by me, Marjorie ;)