Wednesday, January 19, 2005

fairisle scarf

When you get hooked by fairisle you really can't stop. I spent all day (it was raining anyway) working on this pattern. It's from an excellent Japanese book full of great fairisle patterns using J&S yarns. The authoress is Yukiko kuro and her book came out in 2003. ISBN4-529-03887-4. I bought my copy from by just entering the ISBN # into the search section. My 3 knitting pals in Hongkong are also doing this one. I am using stash shetland yarns and the dark blue instead of dark gray is really not contrasting enough with the dark brown with which it's paired. I can just hear Ann Feitelson complaining that I ought to rip it out or stitch over it or something, but I'm too lazy.
There don't seem to be many fairisle scarf patterns and I probably own all of them anyway!
None of the patterns I own do a steek so that means that the yarn ends have to be sewn or woven in as otherwise the beg edge will be rather ugly. I tried knitting this on one circ but it was too tight so then I used two of my new Chinese dps with a third for knitting but that wasn't very good either. Finally I tried using two small circs and that proved to be the right move. The pattern has 68 sts on each row and half go to each side. There are 13 of these pattern repeats although the front and the back have different ones. I seem to be on gauge.

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