Friday, December 31, 2004

Scarf fo

Yippee. I've finished my Kathryn Alexander scarf using my stash yarns. So the colors are quite different from those in the book. I used a lot of Brown Sheep sport wt and knitting wt but I used the 3.75mm needles in the pattern and I got t he gauge. I found that blocking helped a lot. I haven't added buttons as I'm not sure why one needs buttons on a scarf. Take a look at the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marian,

The scarf is beautiful ! The colour match very well. Good work ! Is it for yourself or your daughter ?

Happy New Year !

Eva Shiu

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Marian! I love those vibrant colours, what a great way to start the new year, bright and cheery!

Siow Chin

Anonymous said...

Marian, your scarf is absolutely beautiful!! You're an inspiration to those of us are still near the beginning. Joanne.

Jenifer said...

Great! Love it! I will definitely be making one some day ... you did a fabulous job. Can't wait to see the Klaralund, too! :) (I'm on the same yahoo! groups as you, if you can't tell.) Jenifer

Louise said...

Hi Marian,
I would love to see the scarf, but for some reason, there is no photo when I pull up your page. Is it somewhere else, or is my computer going weird?