Sunday, December 05, 2004

entrelac finished

This week I finally finished an old wip: an entrelac in two shades of purple from some long discontinued Israeli yarn and hopefully there'll be a photo sometime. So this encouraged me to try and finish something else and I've got about half a sleeve left on a Szabo aran called Teddy.
I had to frog the beaded sock from the Lily Chin book as I had knit it on size Amer 2 instead of metric 2 plus there is no ribbing at the top and the heel was done in something with short rows which left gaping holes on each edge.
But meanwhile Israel is asking for his cardi which has big problems as I changed the cable pattern after I'd already cast on and now it's pulling in too much to fit him. I will have to make the fronts wider to get the size.
Then I pulled out another wip: this time an AS from her Celtic collection and I promptly knit wrong about 5 rows so frogged that also. Some weeks it just doesn't work out.
Now for good news: my son is coming soon and he offered to buy me beads in South Africa so online people gave me a recommendation and the funny thing is that last night he was walking down the street and sort of ran into it. So he called today and I had a wonderful time as all their beads are online. Apparently it's a huge store and my son says he and it are smack in the center of Zululand.
The price seems good as well so maybe I'll order a bit more. I've been making a list of all the patterns in all my VK issues with beads knit into the sweaters. I've also ordered a few more bead knit patterns. Some pros are not fans of the great Lily so I want to try their patterns also.

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