Friday, November 19, 2004

RE: new aran pamphlets and some ufos

I just opened an order from Knitwell. They're very fast and sent me a catalog although everything is also on their website. Above are the front and back covers from the Wendy aran leaflet which is 24 pages and has 12 aran patterns in aran wool. Not all of the designs are on those two pictures. The patterns are all written with no charts or schematics unfortunately. I also got Patons leaflet PBN0000 which has 3 aran patterns using aran yarns, and one aran from Sirdar using donegal tweed dk, #8455.

I spent the morning running around collecting food, more knitted hats for the soldiers (have to write about that some time) and then since it was Friday, I felt I could risk driving into the lower part of Tel Aviv to the bead center. This consists of about 7 little stores all selling just beads and supplies. I found a lot of nice ones that I didn't buy like the Chinese beads and larger beads. I wanted just to buy useful beads for my class assignments. I found a parking lot which is rare and so now it'll be easier for me to go again as I won't have problems with parking. The best way to go would be by bus but my grown up children absolutely refuse me this one.

Then I was checking out the latest Dale patternbooks online and found #138 and 144 that interest me greatly. Haven't decided though. 144 is just aran patterns.

I've been knitting lately on a new project; a cabled cardigan for Israel in some Jaeger dk wool I bought years ago at Liberty's. I spotted it on the floor having just been put on sale and for 1.20 pounds a ball it seemed very good to buy it. I really had no idea then just how nice the Jaeger yarn is. I think it's probably about the best of the English dk yarns as it has so much spring to it. This design is entirely my own as I started doing a cable and then began to play around with it so it became something else. I would like to make it a raglan but Israel says he doesn't like raglans so it's going to have fitted sleeves.
I also got back to work on another Jaeger dk wool in a rosy pink which had been set aside for some reason at least a year or more. I can't figure out for whom I planned to knit it so it's sitting again waiting for my daughter to take a look at it.
Then yesterday I decided to re-inventory a section of closet cabinets and there I found a pattern from VK 1998-9 winter,#21. It's by Venishnick and I used the same Wensleydale yarn in the pale green. But I had very little of my own notes to go by so it took a long time until I finally figured out that the body is done and it just needs two sleeves which go up into the shoulders. So this one has to get back on the needles pretty soon also.
Pictures will be added.

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