Saturday, November 06, 2004

IK complaints

Yesterday the latest Interweave Knits arrived. Winter 2004. Except for one sweater, they all have extra long sleeves or the models have short arms, one or the other. Only Veronik Avery's sweater fits the model well. The gansey for the man by Ann Budd fits the worst. Looks like the top of the sleeves are way too big for the armcycle and the neckline is too wide. The small items are ok but one doesn't buy a magazine for a hat and a pair of socks. Despite my comments, I feel that IK is the best knitting magazine around these days and has been for some time.

I've finished two cotton tops and finally the Szabo aran for myself (see just above. model is my friend Israel) . The aran had to be redone at the neck 3 times until I was satisfied as the pattern called for 124 sts in ribbing. It was wrong so I dropped off 12 the next time around and still too much so another 12. This is now pretty much how I like it. The sleeves are a good fit by the way. I asked Janet about adding afterthought pockets and she thought it would be fine, so in the forthcoming photo, notice the pockets. Normally I only do pockets in cardigans but this is going to be a favorite sweater to wear anytime it isn't that cold for wool as it's made of Cantata which is 90% cotton and 10% nylon. The pockets are on the sides where the mistake ribbing is.

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