Saturday, November 13, 2004

New acquisitions

Just working on wips these days. I pulled out a mohair pullover (see above photo) from some nice yarn bought 2 years ago in Auckland. I don't like mohair. I don't like to knit it and especially I hate to wear it; but this color just got to me so yesterday I finally finished the back and decided to keep going and so today I might finish the first half of the cardigan front. Picture above. I have changed the design in many ways but basically decided to make it a cardigan of about 21" in length but not with that collar which I detest. So I will make the neckline rounded and probably between 3-4" deep as I don't enjoy having that mohair so tight around me. On the other hand, it's a warm yarn so I do want it to keep me warm hence the higher neckline. My color is a really lovely variegated blue.

Israel came over and told me he wants a gray sweater but I don't think I have the right gray for him. I'm not buying any yarns as I've declared a moratorium until I finish the new purchases from the far East whenever that is. However I continue to buy patterns and books and several have arrived, to whit:
McTague, Fiona, Knitted toys. Looks really nice. Only drawback is mainly done in Rowan yarns but it looks like they can easily be substituted.
Allen, Pam, ed. Scarf style. The Kathryn Alexander one is the most interesting. It's interesting in that up until this past year there were no scarve books at all. I think it's good they've arrived as why should we just think sweaters all the time. Ditto for the poncho which seems to be following after the scarf. What's next? as the new knitters get more confident.
Habibur-Rahman, Hajera and her two sisters, Gorgeous knitted afghans. Knitted afghan books are pretty scarce as compared to crocheted afghan books. I think I have all of them and they don't take up much room on my shelves so this is a welcome addition. Nothing especially grabs my needles just now but it's a good solid book.
Luters, Ginger, Module magic. This is definitely a thinking book which needs to be read first so ...
Stauffer, Jeanne, ed. Knitting in the round. Nice asssorted collection of small items plus sweaters and afghans done by the usual Knitter's mix of good designers. Nothing I must do though.
Sabrina, Strickmuster. good charted collection of knitting patterns with some details in German.
New magazine additions: Verena winter 2004/5, Anna Extra Strickmuster, VK holiday 2004, IK winter 2004, Woman's weekly Knitting and stitching special 2004 (has two exciting aran patterns), Sandra Oct 2004, Sabrina, Nov. 2004, Cast on Winter 2004.
The Knitwell catalog for 2004/5 arrived and I've ordered a few items from it mostly arans.
Koigu patterns: Magique and a shrug and 3 shawls.
Lisa Lloyd aran patterns including her new aran poncho.

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