Monday, October 18, 2004


I'm really busy at my knitting. I've got the Crosscountry aran designed by Janet Szabo (Twists and turns, vol.1, 2001) finished with just the sleeves to go now. This is done in Reynolds Cantata which is a cotton yarn with some nylon and now discontinued (sigh). Great yarn with such wonderful spring to it. I bought it in offwhite and also in a periwinkle blue. The sweater won't show up well with a picture. I am knitting it according to the instructions from the neck down having done the saddle shoulders first. Now I'm supposed to pick up the sts from the saddle and also additonal sts from the sides and start knitting it down. Of course, I managed to mess it up because I picked up from the bottom also where the sleeve is supposed to be sewn so have to restart.
Since this bothers me, I pulled out another stalled wip. This from Knitters fall '96 called Skill-building entrelac designed by Bette Ann Lampers. The big reason I stalled on it before was because it is written for a 13 stitch entrelac and I'm doing the medium size of 14 sts so each section has to be thought out in order to get it right which means there's an extra stitch to work in on each row and two extra rows for the entrelac section. Maybe having finished a few more entrelacs in the meantime it's now easier for me.
I also wrote to May Hagiwara and she read my scan of the Japanese yarn labels and told me what they're made of. I also started a new project with the Kanebo Mogol which I found to be the most puzzling one of all the yarns as the swatch in st st looked pretty awful. I ended up being happy doing it in garter stitch. So that's on the needles. I never do just one project at a time. What? finish them? are we supposed to?

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