Friday, July 20, 2007

Tel Aviv Eretz Israel Musuem goldwork exhibition

The picture below is the front cover of the catalog and the exhibition officially opened last night. I spoke to the curator a few times. It is an amazing exhibit and the catalog is very good. There are 7 articles both in English and Hebrew and a bibliography plus 104 photos of works exhibited all in color and actually easier to see than in the musuem because everything was kept dark. The articles include religious and clothing items plus others and they come from many countries where Jews lived such as the Middle East, northern Africa and parts of Eastern Europe. The cost for the catalog is 100 shekels and I'm sure it could be ordered from the bookstore at the museum. I will also add a few more of the photos from the book. The items are goldwork embroidery using lots of threads such as Japanese gold plus some beads and other materials. The level of craftsmanship is very high and most of the items were made over 100 years ago or longer.

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junie said...

Oh my. What a treat to see this. I am amazed at the lovely work. Purple and gold. Royalty. Thanks for sharing.