Tuesday, March 13, 2007

more on Japanese books below

The first book has some really terrific lace sweaters. It's more of a winter book with two crocheted shawls and a crocheted scarf as well plus a nice fairisle sweater.
The second book is also more of a winter book with some lovely vests and some lacey sweaters.
Third book also winter with crocheted and knitted items including some nice crocheted shawls and several items in variegated yarns.
Fourth book is Diakeito yarns. This means variegated yarns for many of them. A gorgeous crocheted shawl, an entrelac pullover, two nice fairisles and lots of knitted lace and some cables too.
The next book is by Hirose and looks pretty challenging and gorgeous also.
Sixth book is labeled best select collection and must be some of the best from previous books. The models are older women and men which is great as the sweaters all look good on them. Cables and/or lace, sweaters and vests, scarves, hats and shawls.
Seventh book sweaters, vests and one shawl. cables, lace and some with variegated yarns
Eighth book is the Richmore big one. Lots of lace in this one.
Final book is another gorgeous one with cables and laces.
Overall these books are more for winter sweaters, etc. But you could just take the patterns and create your own as everything is charted out.
These were the best books that I was able to buy then and I was looking in Tokyo and in Hongkong so I really had full choices. I also brought back some other great fairisle books but that one is for another time.

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