Sunday, December 25, 2005

crocheted wizard scarf and hat

My son agreed to model this scarf and hat. He's wearing a Starmore fairisle done a few years ago. To crochet the scarf I used stash yarn that was worsted wt. I needed 160 grams of the red and just small amount of the gold. My hook was 5.00mm. Chain 30 sts and work every row 28 double crochet stitches (dc). Pattern was *rows 1-8 in red, row 9, gold, row 10, red, row 11 gold and then repeat from *. Work until you feel it's long enough. My scarf measures 8.5"x63".

Hat was the basic one. Start with 4 chain sts and close the circle. Do 6 hdc into the center of the ring for first row.
2nd row: inc in each st.
3rd row: *Inc in first st, hdc* repeat from *.
4th row: *Inc in first st, 2 hdc* repeat from *.
5th row: *Inc in first st, 3 hdc* repeat from *
Continue in this way until you have a diameter of approx 7". At that point just work hdc without increasing until it fits over your ears.
I ran out of the red so continued on with the gold color.

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Peoline said...

On this picture showing the "crocheted wizard scarf and hat" ( I do not crochet) but I noticed the pullover/sweater that your son is wearing. I would like to ask, if you will share the pattern with me. I live in the US and for a very long time I wanted to make a fair isle sweater for my husband.