Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ruffled rondelles

This was an unusual pattern in the Dec 2005 Bead and button by Maiko Kage of Japan. I made the 6 rondelles but had to remove one as it was too big for my wrist so now I have the start of either a pin an earring, or necklace, etc.

Class was not as interesting this week as we were assigned bracelets pretty much as in the first session of classes. The difference is that now we are using Beadalon nylon wire and adding embellishments plus using some crystals.

Teacher wouldn't tell me where the necklace pattern came from. Bummer. She also criticized my work which was fine with me. I certainly need help. The good part is that I'm making progress with the wirework. Beadstyle now begins to make a lot more sense to me. I still don't understand why they think it's simple. Not for me. I ran around yesterday and today buying some large crystals as I don't have any. We have two pretty good beadstores in town and both get their supplies from two different importers in Tel Aviv so there is a good selection. I try to avoid Tel Aviv, especially driving there.

Knitting: Yes I'm knitting a lot as now is the "winter" season here. I started the Zilboorg "Rosemary" sweater is the Liisu mohair/wool yarn. I really like this wool a lot as it has a very good strong feel to it. The Allspice vest was in the same yarn. For the pattern, I didn't like the way she does the Alsacian scallops as she changed Mary Phillips original pattern by knitting in the back of the stitch to twist it. But she managed to really complicate what is basically a simple pattern; so I dug out my Phillips book and am doing the scallops her way. I also had to rewrite the whole pattern due to my looser gauge so I'm now thinking about changing the sleeves to a raglan.

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NiHaRiKa said...

Hey!!!! I love reading your blog..I also wanted to make Alsacian Scallops pattern but unfortunately, I cant find the book in India.. can you plz send me just this pattern? I would consider it a huge huge favor..plzz..

Thank you in advance :)