Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Noro Iroha and beaded eyeglass holder

This Noro Iroha yarn has been sitting in my stash long enough now. It's 70% cotton, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon so would be excellent for my daughter only she is not into vests as I don't have enough of it for more.
The eyeglass holder was started last night from a kit of Toho that I bought in Tokyo last year before I had started beading and at that time the instructions made no sense. Now it's pure fun.
I was using a Clover tunisian crochet hook in metal for another project but had to go to knitting as the hook was very soft and really bent so it wasn't any fun to use it anymore. But it was a great hook otherwise. Anyone know where I can buy it again?

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Rebecca said...


you can find tunisian crochet hooks there... , perhaps it will be useful... i hope