Wednesday, September 14, 2005

more bead books

Today I really did well. From Amazon I got the new Diane Fitzgerald Bead garden and the Hector Art of beadwork. From the Russian book wholesaler in town, I got the big white one I had ordered and there was a new blue one and a new magazine so I bought them too.
I also got some more Classic Elite sweater pamphlets from Elann.
Yesterday I finished my two herringbone bracelets that were learning for me and they came out well. Colors are manly so I'm hoping I can offload them on my son.
Today I started and restarted the pattern in this months Bead and button using triangle beads in a herringbone stitch. I brought the beads home from England. I also finished the body and neckline of a pink cotton pullover for me. I'm now doing the sleeves from the top down as I don't know how far the remaining 3 balls will go.
Anyway, if anyone knows Russian, please let me know more about the books I've bought.


tanti said...

hi marian,

u can use google translation (if you want to translate the URL) or

jagfan said...

Do you know if your bookstore has any more copies of the White Russian Beading Book? I'd love to have a copy of it. Please let me know. E-mail me their information if you don't mind
Thanks a million in advance