Monday, September 19, 2005

lacy loops

Today I finished Lacy loops by Lois Fetters from the April 2005 Bead and button (p.126). It was a very easy pattern but with a lot of satisfaction at the finished result. I have added a whole bunch of older Bead and button magazines now and there are lots of wonderful projects to do so while I want to make this one again with different colors, I think right now I need to try something else.

I also started my third bead course and this one has a Russian teacher who speaks much better Hebrew than I do. We are working with wire only and the whole course is completely different from what I've done up til now. I probably won't enjoy this type of beading as much but I am very happy to know how to do it as there are a lot of nice projects using wire and this should make the whole thing a lot easier for me.

I did have one lesson in Russian today and I learned that the famous "white" book does use nylon threads.

I saw my family dr today and since she is a beader, we spend most of the session showing each other our latest efforts. Healthwise, I'm probably not going to be seeing her very much as I seem to have run out of any tests or things I need to do. I think hobbies, especially beading, are very good for one's health. I'm on a diet now and the beading is so exciting, that it keeps me from eating all those bad foods.


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