Wednesday, April 20, 2005


After a very strange flight experience, I made it to Hongkong. This is my third visit and won't be very long as I will be mainly in Singapore this trip. I suggested to Siow Chin that she or the other HK bloggers add a list of Hongkong LYS for people like me who leave all the information back home! Anyway, Siow Chin and Eva have come to my rescue and tomorrow I'll be searching in Kowloon for some very good Japanese yarns: Diakeito and Noro.
Today I got to the Hongkong side and found the LYS Cheer wool. I bought only some
circs and some bamboo Tunisian hooks. They seem very good as I've already started two hats with them.
I had no problem bringing my hook and needle on the El Al flight but 2000 people were pretty late getting off the ground due to a fuel mixup.

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j-jen said...

Ack, Marian! You left already?! I thought you were still here. =:-O I didn't get over to give you $$ for the 3mm double points, but please do and I'll pay you back when you get home. Besides, this will earn you mucho Karma points. :)

Take care have a good trip and a wonderful Passover.