Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dayana's new sweater

The sweater below was finally finished and it fits my daughter who isn't here so Israel kindly put it on instead. It was done fairisle style using the kit I bought years ago at Liberty. I'm moving on now to summer sweaters. Yesterday sadly I put away all my wips with a few small exceptions and today I'm starting to pull out the wips from last summer. I have finished quite a few projects this winter and I'll be adding pictures gradually. I held the line on purchases since Sept so I'm pleased on that point too.

I bought two small beadpurse kits from an online email group called Beadknitting. I also got an older sweater kit of a fairisle sweater with a pre-knit yoke. According to the Feitelson book, this yoke is one of the older ones from the 1960s. The yarn came from McAuslan in Glasgow and Hunter. The previous knitting was something that had to be frogged which I did. It was apparent that two different knitters had been working on it. What was sad was that somewhere along the line, it got damaged by spillage of tea or food and I also ripped out all of those sections. I wound up the yarn and washed it and it will be ready to knit again; only this time doing it in the round.

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