Thursday, November 01, 2012

thin tila bead bracelet

This is a Tila bead thin bracelet that I couldn't find any instructions for. Batya, a local instructor, showed me how to make it and said one of her students had learned it in a class or store locally. It turns out to be very quick a nd fun to make. I used 25 tila beads for the base. To begin take a seed bead size 11 and then one Tila bead and repeat until you have the right length minus the clasp. then you return to the other hole on the Tila bead and go back working the same size 11 beads in between the Tila beads. That is the bottom of the bracelet. the second or top layer consists of 4 size 15 beads and one crystal size 4. You begin by taking one size 15 and going into one of the 11 beads on the bottom. then pick up another size 15 bead and into the crystal. Pick up another size 15 and  Go into the bottom 11 bead and repeat all the length on the same side of the bracelet. At the end, return on the other side, now just going into an 11 bead and a crystal but adding a 15 before and after so you will end up with 4 size 15 beads between each crystal. The crystal is only added on the first pass of the top layer. On the return you go into the existing crystal just adding your size 15 beads before and after going into the size 11 from the base. You don't go into the Tila on the top layer at all. Make sure to keep to the same side when you add the size 15s.

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