Wednesday, June 01, 2011

designer knitting, aka vk

I just got another issue of Designer knitting or what is known in the states as Vogue Knitting. This is the early autumn 2011 issue and it has nothing in it that interests me except for some ads. There are no arans or fair isles, no vests. There is a poncho a nd some lacey stuff and several new designers. Deborah Newton has something with 2 colors. And also interesting is a granny square vest by Sui but her colors are very ugly. Universal yarn has an interesting aran in its ad. Across from it is a Koigu mitered whatever. My favorite ad is from Ozeyarn of an aran something by Jane Slicer-Smith. Anyway, I'm having problems subscribing as the price has to be sent to England which makes it prohibitively expensive. However for $4.99 I can pick it up on my Ipad. The problem is that there's nothing I want so no reason for it. I'm beginning to think that this magazine has become rather old fashioned. There seem to be more interesting newer ones out there. I got a gift subscription from my penpal to Love of knitting. This issue from summer 2011 has lots of practical, useful things. Nice throw by Leapman and a chevron lap robe, There's a vest and a summer top with short sleeves. all easy knitting but something I just might do one day.
Meanwhile I just need to sew on some buttons to the aran cardi from an old leaflet so I cast on the sleeve for an aran pullover.

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