Thursday, November 11, 2010

post office problems

Here in Israel our post office was privatized which I didn't much notice until this week when the papers announced that from Jan 1, 2011, all packages from abroad would have to be examined and for this unwanted deed, the cost would be another $10 added to the VAT and customs. Packages below the total value of $50 would only be liable now for the $10 which would not be going to the customs or tax authority. where will it go? I can only think it will go to make the private post office happy and apparently they want to be in t he same class as UPS and Fedex. For me this is a very big headache as aready all my books have to be valued at below $50 iincluding the postage. Postage on 2 books fromAmazon is $15 and add to that another $10 and each book now had an added cost of $12.50. For me this is just too much. Fortunately I have ordered the Kindle which will not be sent to me here because of the exorbitant customs and VAT. And if this announced new cost goes through, I will have to change my whole book buying procedures which means trying to use the Kindle more and ordering books only a few times a year which I can bring home on my trips abroad. As a knitter I will go and order on places like Ravelry where I can buy single patters for between $5-7 and immediately download them. For jewelry patterns there is bead-patterns and a few other sites. Most of the bead patterns that I like anyway are in magazines and this new ruling won't affect them. But as a trueblooded American who studied why the early settlers revolted when the British imposed the penny tea tax, this really upsets me. Apparently most Israelis are very calm about this unlike myself. My best friend tells me that they will just go on ordering and paying the extra $10.

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