Monday, February 22, 2010

aran swatch

This is the first swatch from a pattern I paid for and downloaded on Ravelry. I was extremely disappointed in the way it is written because I have no choice now but to swatch each pattern and measure in order to figure out the size I want despite it is written in 12 sizes! Since the yarn I'm using is also machine washable I have to wash and measure again for the right measurement. The pattern was written in a way I have never seen before and hope never to see again. However the picture of the finished sweater was so pretty that I paid $8.50 for the pattern. Usually an aran sweater has a chart for each separate pattern showing the # of stitches and rows and also given a letter title such as A,B, etc. This pattern shows half the sweater which is written to be knit around and only gives the row numbers on the last page of the chart downloaded which makes it extremely difficult and most important of all, the chart is printed so small that even my magnifying glasses for close-up work hardly help. What did help was to use the Windows magnifier program in order to read the chart online and then understand it. The pattern uses twist cables and regular cables and the chart symbols themselves are not that well done. I have told a few knitters that I am disappointed and they seem to have heeded my warning. However I am very stubborn (a trait I got from my aunt Fanny who was not the most likeable person I ever met) and I intend to make this sweater and make it fit me too.

The swatch above is 5"wide and 4" in height using 3.75mm needles and Phildar 3.5 washable yarn. The yarn called for in the pattern is dk which this is. This is the main pattern of the sweater and it has 32 sts and 24 rows. The writer has also made it more difficult as she has split her pattern so that instead of saying to start on row... and end on row... she just shows the rows once more which I have also never seen and find not necessary either.


marilyn said...

What is the name of the Aran sweater pattern you downloaded on Ravelry? Is it the Hedge Fence Pullover by Elinor Brown?

I have been admiring that sweater for quite some time, but I hate knitting from tiny squiggles on charts. I learned to knit from written directions and I have no desire to learn knitting from charts! I guess you can't teach old dogs new tricks!

Good luck with the sweater. It will be a beauty when done.


Where fibers meet mud said...

Sounds like the person writing the pattern was not very versed at what is good for the knitter... I too learned to knit from written patterns and still to this day convert to KP instructions with the great improvement on excell spreadsheets and computer printers

I use to hand write them on file cards - number them and either tape them or bind them with binder clips

We have come a long way baby!