Saturday, December 08, 2007

EZ hand to hand aran pullover

I started this sweater some years ago with the online email group but after doing one sleeve, I stopped and only picked it up again recently. I am very satisfied
with it after I made one change. I added ribbing for a neckline to make it warmer for me. I also found one mistake in the pattern added across the front and back from the Barbara Walker book. There's a mistake in row 2 and the last k2 shouldn't be
there. I did follow the pattern otherwise for the largest size for 42" chest. I used Forsell Slalom aran yarn bought on Elann also many years ago a nd I needed 15 balls of 50 grams each at 90 meters each. Needle size was 4mm and ribbing 3.5mm. I made my sleeve 17" long and the front and back sections were 24" long with about 8" for the neckline. The left sleeve came in a bit less than 17" but it doesn't seem to present a problem. For the bottom I changed from her instructions to do a hem with a thinner yarn and instead just decreased the stitches 10% and did a k2,p2 ribbing. My length on the body section was 14" total. It could have been a bit longer. I may decide to make it again but I don't want to make that lattice section from the BW book. I found it difficult to remember and had to use a row marker in order to do it right. The other cables though were nice and easy making it a fairly quick sweater to make. I never did understand EZ's final notes about making the sleeves narrower at the top as it seemed to be just fine as it was.


Jeanne said...

This looks fun to do! And I love both your color choice and the construction theory! Another project for "tomorrow"... sigh!

pat said...

Yes, indeed, a very nice looking sweater. It's not usual to see that pattern across the sleeves and yoke.. looks good.

Since this was knit top down, you can undo the cast-off row, and pull out the ribbing... add a couple more rows to make it longer, and then finish with the rib. I like the rib on the bottom.. or you can even put in a folded hem! Well, if you have any more yarn left over.