Thursday, October 11, 2007

poor blogger

I'm sorry about not blogging for so long, but I've been really busy with my crafts and stuff. Right now I'm beading every day and also trying to develop my own fairisle cardigan. I've done most of the design on the body with one more section still to go and hopefully I'll have enough of the yarns because if not, I have to change some designs to other colors.

I'm also working on an Aran pullover for my daughter and finished a small version for my granddaughter. Then I started making a crochet doll and am now very interested in doing more crochet toys as opposed to knitted toys. It just seems more organic to make them the crochet way where you crochet around all the time. With knitting the patterns are done flat and then joined. I imagine one could also do them around, but I haven't seen any patterns done that way.

I taught myself to do hairpin lace from a website and bought the Boye fork but it seems very flimsy when I use it.

I've done a lot of book reviews for Amazon but I think it's time I began to write a few on my own blog. I try not to buy yarns but when it comes to books and patterns, I haven't declared a diet yet. Today I just got the latest Evelyn A. Clark book on triangular shawls.

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