Friday, August 31, 2007

Missenden Abbey

Well, I'm back from 2 glorious weeks studying at Missenden Abbey in England. One course was goldwork embroidery for the second time and t he other was beading around a cabochon. I learned the idea on the first day having never done it. The rest of the week was spent refining it and making 9 of them. I still need to do the simple necklace chains though. Food was wonderful also and we were busy all the time. I was fortunate in getting a larger private room (#51) off by myself. There were lectures every night and sellers sometimes. Liz Mann demonstrated one week how to use a peg loom so I bought one. I should have bought another hoop for my goldwork as the two I own are too big. My friend Tami was also there and we b oth were in the same classes and stayed together in London at the st. Giles hotel which is wonderfully located within walking distance of the beadstores.

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