Saturday, October 29, 2005

Inviting vine

Tami: this is because of you. Thanks for telling me to keep on beading. The bracelet is from Bead and Button, Dec. 2005 by Donna Graves. It was quick and fun to make and I love it because it's not bombastic (I'm only 5'2"). I think this particular issue was very good so I will probably make a few more.

I got 4 more books this week plus the new VK. There's only one interesting sweater in it with some fairisle on the yoke section. The books are interesting. The new Sally Melville on color might just be the best knitting book of this year but still I have some questions. For example, why doesn't she ever say fairisle? Also, there seem to be some overlaps with this book and her first one using leftover yarns. However, I'm slowly reading it and find some very good information which I wasn't expecting and also a few possible items to knit.
Then: the 2 afghan books and one called New crochet by Terry Taylor. This one disappointed me but I'm not ready yet to explain why. One reason might be the special type of yarns such as hemp. I did like the bikini although I wish there had been a chart with the size. Too many items are just the regular type stuff. Anyway, maybe I'll write more on it later. If you are thinking of buying it, I'd suggest to hold off.
Join as you go afghans is all crochet and mainly granny square type things. The only difference is that the squares are joined so that at the end there's no sewing or joining which is rather nice.
Easy afghans for knitters seems to be a useful item and also has more from Barbara Venishnick and other type knitter/designers.
I was very excited to eat at the new Moses restaurant and was very disappointed with it. Everything arrived too salty so I won't be returning.


ts said...

Hi Marian.

Very good, keep going, do not give up beading, enjoy yourself.

Karen said...

Your bracelet is very pretty. I'm thinking about that one, too. :)

Felicity said...

I love the colours, it's a very pretty bracelet. And I love green!
Keep smiling
Felicity 8-)

Sarebear said...

How difficult was this? I recently picked up this issue, and think it has aLOT of great things in it as well (usually I'm more lukewarm about this mag).

Fairly new beader, and I haven't tried anything but stringing yet. Still, I've read the instructions and would like to try it. I might try to figure out a rough strawberry to attach to my vine (I love strawberries). With a tiny white flower to indicate the blossom.

Anyway, was it easy? medium? hard?