Saturday, August 06, 2005

course finished

My week went so fast and I had such a great time. Everyday devoted to hours and hours of beading. My class had 13 ladies some beginners and some with varied beading backgrounds. Our teacher Olive was very inspiring. We were told to choose a project from the collection of her own creations and then she spent the day helping everyone. I made a total of 6 projects including two gorgeous necklaces and one still just starting. I was able to buy the beads from the teacher at wholesale prices also. I had a lovely room to myself at the Abbey and meals also which were a bit too fattening.

I took several photos of a gorgeous embroidery piece at the local church which had stumpwork, metalwork, beadwork and used all kinds of threads including metals. Pictures will be posted later.

Now it's back to London for a few days of shopping and then home.


AmyS said...

Sounds fabulous! Enjoy every moment, you lucky woman. And take good care of yourself (weird, isn't it, how I can live here and think London is a scary place...?)

Anonymous said...

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marjorie said...

I'm glad you have a good time beading. Waiting for your photos!

junieann said...

Oh Mariam, you are the most adventurous woman I know. I am waiting to see the beautiful necklaces you made. They sound, sounds like you have had a ball.