Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Jennifer and Holly Doyne dropped in yesterday and we had a swell time catching up with Holly after her last trip to this region 5 years ago. Since she's a doctor when she's not knitting socks, we bombarded her with knitting related problems: shoulder pains and ankle pains and got good advice. She also gifted us with sock yarns. The Opal is new to me and is currently knitting up nicely. Also some tiny rosewood needles for fingers and toes which I had never seen before.

I got Jennifer to take some photos of the new yarns and beads you see below. The beads are all from this trip but a lot of the yarns are from the earlier trip 6 months ago when I got as far as Tokyo. In that time, I've only knit up two of them and my daughter is complaining that she doesn't want to have to knit them.

I gave Holly a tour of my complete stash and she had to admit I win. I have more than she does! She threatened to have Jennifer take some pictures of it, but I got out of that one.

I also ordered a slew of books from Amazon after I saw the new books at Borders in Singapore so 6 packages arrived yesterday and it was like a birthday as both girls sat down to open up the packages. I'll write next time on them as there's a lot to digest first.

If anyone has questions on what is in the pictures below, just email and I'll try to figure out the mess. I prefer the Diakeito Japanese yarns so there's a lot of that in the photo. Also some Filatura di Crosa and one Grignasco. The beads come from Bangkok (the silver ones) and the rest from Singapore and Hongkong. There are Delica seed beads, some unusual hex and bugle beads, a few Swarowski or Czech crystal beads, and some special ones from Japan that I had to have.


emy said...

Oh my god, what can I say?

In the yarn stash and pattern books department, you'll beat me too!

Hope you have enjoyed the getting together as much as I did. :)

Tanti said...

Hi Marian,

Good choice for yarns type and color and see the beads !! wow...

wish you get better with the shoulder pain and ankle.. ;-)

junieann said...

Grief! I believe that you out did me too Mirian. Love the yarn. Wish I knew what all you had there. Looks wonderful. How ever did you get all this yarn and the beads home?

Happy girl huh?